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The All-In-One Pride Event Management Software For Streamlined And Standout Events

From customizable applications to interactive maps, we make it easy to create a superior experience while saving you time and centralizing communication.

Powering 12,000+ events: 

Twin Cities Pride
Pridefest Kissimmee
Pride STL
Atlanta Pride
Gulf Coast Pride
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We’ve got all the tools that make all the difference for Pride Event Organizers

Go from wasting countless hours on spreadsheets and Frankenstein processes to a platform that lets you manage all your moving parts in one place ⤵️



Your interactive maps will keep attendees, vendors, exhibitors, artists, and volunteers from getting lost. Plus, stay organized by assigning booths directly on your maps. Learn more...




Create, collect, and approve unlimited applications in one streamlined process. Manage everything from jurying to collecting payments without any extra manual work. Learn more... 



Eventeny makes it effortless to attract premium sponsors with custom applications and deliverables so that you can grow your revenue.
Learn more … 

Create, grow, and streamline your event without the stress! 

On average, Eventeny organizers:

💰Save $30,000 for your organization 
🖥️ Reduce administrative work by 4 months
🤑 Increase revenue by 20% per event

1) Create your event for free

We give you tools to upgrade your pride event management system. Unlimited events? Done. Unlimited applications? Done. Unlimited vendor, sponsor, exhibitors, artists, and talent? Done. All for the price of free!! Get started below.

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2) Make it easy for Artists, Vendors, Exhibitors, and Nonprofits to apply 

Build robust applications for increased participation and revenue.

  • Create custom questions to include attachments, pictures, e-signatures, prices, and more.
  • Approve, decline, and waitlist applications with one click.
  • Get paid when applications are submitted, approved, or on a later date; your choice.
  • Track who comes back and invite them to your new events!
  • Invite your jurors, assign them to specific applications, allow individual or joined scoring, and track scores by each juror.
  • Send group messages to all applicants and keep everything centralized. 
  • Empower artists, vendors, and exhibitors to take their sales online with our pre and post-event marketplace.

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3) Manage your volunteers 

Your event is only as strong as the people behind it. We help you build your A-player team to put on a return-worthy event.

  • Collect information from your volunteers, including shifts, slots, contact info, waiver forms, t-shirt size, custom questions, and more.
  • Track volunteer statuses and their history. 
  • Check-in and out during the event.
  • Send group or targeted messages. 
  • Assign departments and build hierarchies.
  • Automatically view all volunteer hours and create custom reports.
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4) Design your interactive map 

Turn your event space into an interactive roadmap while keeping your ducks in a row on the backend.

  • Assign single or multiple booth spaces or hand over the power to applicants.
  • Access your artist, vendor, and exhibitor information in real-time, like booth-specific details such as tables, chairs, electricity, etc.
  • Guide your attendees through the exhibitor hall with your map viewable on any device without creating an account or installing any software.
  • Attendees can access online marketplace participants’ stores on your map.
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4) Gain ROI-positive sponsors 

Customize and track your sponsor deliverables, assign team members to tasks, and accept payments.

  • View sponsor application information and history event after event.
  • Track and create sponsor deliverables by creating workflows for your teams with automated templates.
  • Use dashboards to highlight your work and strengthen relationships with your sponsors’.
  • Break payments into installments, create invoices, and track payments throughout your event.
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"The Eventeny Team has been amazingly responsive to our changing needs over the past year. With COVID forcing us to change venues, and even cancel events and issue refunds they have made the entire process practically effortless! They always find a way to say 'yes', even when they say 'no'. Many of the requests we have made for improvements to the system have come about in the very next upgrade! I would recommend them to any organization that needs event planning software. Thanks for your support, gang!"

Atlanta Pride
Atlanta Pride

"Eventeny has been one of the best programs for event coordination with an exceptionally high level of customer service. They have a refreshing amount of pride in their work in a world where you don't normally find companies as willing to meet all of their customer's needs. The product they offer has saved us tons of time and money, is easy to use, and is efficient, and I highly recommend it to anyone in event planning. Aly and Nausheen both are always willing to go above and beyond to help me and my team and we truly appreciate them! Thanks, Eventeny!"

City of Auburn
City of Auburn

"The Eventeny team is an absolute pleasure to work with and has helped our team at the City of Alpharetta add hours back to a busy work day. Their platform has streamlined our application process and is simple to use. If we ever run into a problem, Eventeny is very quick to respond and help us along the way. They continually are making updates and hold webinars to bring everyone up to speed on changes and new additions. The monthly service fee is economical and worth every penny. The Eventeny team is super helpful and always answers any questions or concerns we have in a timely manner. I highly recommend Eventeny."


City of Alpharetta
The City of Alpharetta

Why Eventeny? 


Eventeny customers love saving $30,000 for their organization, reducing admin work by 4 months, and increasing revenue by 20%. Read their reviews...


Enjoy white-glove onboarding from your event success manager, who will help you streamline your event. We are your partner in all things event management.

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A successful event starts with a successful platform. Track all of your moving parts with our all-in-one platform for reduced workloads, increased revenue, and more! 

Want to learn how this process can work for you?

Let us walk you through how to harness event technology to streamline your planning process so that you can maximize your time, generate more revenue, and minimize hair-pulling moments.