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October 2023 Product Updates

Happy November! It's been another exciting month here at Eventeny, with exciting new features, and as always, improvements to our platform. 

💸 Bulk Refunds for Tickets

It's easier than ever to refund tickets at scale! Event organizers can now easily refund multiple tickets at once by using the select all checkbox, or selecting individual checkboxes. Additionally, organizers can refund the processing fees, and choose whether or not to cancel refunded tickets.


Bulk refunds, easily accessible from the tickets page

📲 Tap to Pay and Pay by Terminal via USB (Android only)

Event organizers and participants can now easily use tap to pay, and connect Stripe M2 readers via USB! We're so excited to launch this feature for all Android devices, and are working towards enabling this feature for iOS devices in the near future.


Tap to pay via phone, or terminal - now available on Android devices

🎫 Adding Additional Fees to Tickets

Event organizers can now add additional fees to all, individual, or groups of tickets directly from the tickets page. Fees can be customized as percentages or flat rates, and will be displayed as a line-item when event participants purchase tickets.

Screen Recording 2023-11-07 at 10.00.30 AM

Adding fees to tickets


  • You can now easily view vendor check-in and check-out times from your event in Vendor Analytics.
  • Sponsors and other applicants applying to your event can now select their booths directly from their application.
  • Product uploads to the marketplace have never been more seamless - with navigation buttons easing the process.