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What was new in May 2024?

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Now that summer's here, and everyone's gearing up for summer festivals, fairs, and more, we're so excited to share what we've been working on this past month! Read on to learn more about our latest feature updates.

Streamline online sales with shipping label creation  🏷️

With shipping label creation, marketplace sellers can now create labels directly from our platform! Simply navigate to your online sales, and select "Create shipping label". You'll be guided through the process of entering recipient information, selecting a carrier organized by price, and package weight and dimensions.

Shipping label creation

Easily create shipping labels and streamline the shipping process.

Save time with bulk charge for application payments  💳

Ease the process of charging Artists, Vendors, and Exhibitors - we've introduced a "Bulk charge" button under the Payments section of an application. Select multiple purchases at once, like application fees and booth spaces. 

Bulk charge allows event organizers to charge multiple artist, vendor, and exhibitior payments at once.

Enhance your event with live attendee tracking 📍

Event organizers can now export live tracking for event attendees! Once exported, organizers will receive check-in and check-out time data, the number of check-ins, the section attendees were in, and more! 

Attendee tracking export now added to ticketing data export.


  • "Ticket seller" permission level added, giving event organizers the access to add ticket sellers or volunteers access to checking in and checking out attendees, without providing access to other administrative features.
  • Tags have now been added to  the "other applications" submission list exports.