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March 2024 Product Updates

As we spring into a new season (pun intended), we're so excited to share our product updates that our team's been working on this past month! Read on to see what's been brewing at Eventeny.

🔔 Push notifications for iOS and Android

Mobile push notifications are now live! Ease event planning stress with notifications for any schedule changes or updates. With this underlying technology in place, we're going to be rolling out various types of push notifications that keep your attendees in-the-know, so stay tuned!


Push notifications for event scheduling changes.

📝 Bulk actions in Other Applications

Simplify your event planning process with bulk actions, where event organizers can now bulk approve, reject, withdraw, and waitlist applicant submissions in Other Applications

To learn more, check out this article.


Bulk other application management is now live for event organizers.

✅ Manual editing volunteer check-in & check-out times

After a long event, it can be tough tracking down hours for individual volunteers. With this update, event organizers now have the power to manually check-in & out volunteers, complete with the ability to view a precise timestamp for those times.

Recording 2024-04-01 123337

Manually check in and check out volunteers with this new feature update.


  • Event organizers can now enable fixed fees for Other Applications.
  • Sponsors can now add additional payment items to their applications, and can charge these items post-approval.
  • All map items now auto-reset to $0 if no price is set, or if prices have been deleted.