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What was new in June 2024?

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Happy July! We're so excited to share the platform updates we've been working on this past month, ranging from a design overhaul to the public facing event page, to upgraded ticket analytics. Keep reading to learn more!

Improved user experience with our redesigned event page 

Meet our brand new event page design! Featuring updated page elements, and a brand new sticky navigation to help your attendees easily navigate maps, schedules, tickets, and more. With this updated layout, it's bound to enhance your event visitors experience

Our revamped event page improves your attendees' user experience.

Save time with bulk edit for marketplace products

Tired of individually editing your products? You can now easily bulk upload any changes to all your products at once, saving you the time and effort needed to manage your marketplace products, and keeping things up to date for your customers!


Bulk editing products saves marketplace vendors time.

Enhanced ticketing analytics

We've overhauled our ticketing analytics, with enhanced visualizations of financial data, with the addition of sales tax, fees passed to customers, color-coded profit/loss data, and more. The status tab has also been updated, utilizing color and additional columns to help you better understand the health and success of your event.

Updated  and revamped ticketing analytics.


  • Prices of booth assignments on the Vendor Applications page now reflect the pricing listed on Maps.
  • Weighted jury scores are now added to applications export.