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January 2024 Product Updates

It's officially February! As we move into a new month, we're excited to announce some of the exciting new features we've been working on in January that you're bound to love. 

📆 Schedule payments by date

Vendors may want to pay anything from booth to application fees at a later date. With our new schedule payments by date feature, event organizers can simply toggle the vendor charge process to "scheduled date after approval", directly from the vendor application page.

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Recording 2024-02-01 105023

Event organizers can now schedule vendor payments .

📲 Customize gratuity choices on mobile

Don't feel like any of the default gratuity options reflect your preferences? You can now set custom gratuity choices for products from the Eventeny mobile app settings. Now whenever an event attendee purchases a product from a vendor, your custom choices will be reflected during checkout.

Group 3

Event organizers can set up to four custom gratuity options on the Eventeny mobile app.

📍Navigation bar redesign

Eventeny's platform is vast, with endless possibilities for both event organizers and attendees. Our newly designed navigation bar categorizes Eventeny's features by user, with "organize" representing event organizers and "participate" catering to attendees or vendors. Check out our new nav bar, and see where the adventure takes you!

Recording 2024-02-01 112501-1

Check out our brand new navigation bar redesign, categorized by feature/audience.


  • Event organizers can now add sales tax to invoices, automatically sending applicants an email receipt with the tax included.
  • Transaction information from any booths purchased from Maps will now be included in exported data sheets and analytics.
  • Event organizers can now add custom description text to surveys created on Eventeny's platform.