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Eventeny's Global Enrichment Initiative

At Eventeny, we believe that giving back is not just about fulfilling a corporate responsibility; it's a core part of our mission to de-stress event planning.

That's why we're donating 1% of gross revenue in 2024 to support charities in our backyard, and worldwide.

Why We're Giving Back

 Through our charitable donation initiative, we aim to make a positive impact  by supporting organizations that align with our values and contribute to a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

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At Eventeny,  we strive to support charitable causes that promote diversity and inclusion within our communities, ensuring all voiced are heard.
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Empathy guides our actions at Eventeny, motivating us to support our clients, partners, and communities with compassion and understanding.
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Growing Together
Growth is central to our charitable mission at Eventeny, fostering collaboration and collective growth as we work alongside charities to make a positive impact.

Recent Beneficiaries

Our support for the Georgia Conservancy is rooted in their dedication to protecting Georgia's natural habitats.
We partnered with the Southern Conservation Trust because of their work in preserving  wildlife habitats.
Lollypop Farm Logo_1
Lollypop Farm's commitment to  pet adoption, education, and advocacy lead us to contribute to their cause
We contributed to the Maui Food Bank to help ensure that  families have access to nutritious meals and essential resources.
Our donation to the Orlando Pet Alliance helped fund their efforts in rescuing and caring for pets, as well as providing educational programs about pet welfare.
We donated to Spark Rescue because they are dedicated to rescuing and rehoming animals in need, providing them with the care and love they deserve.
Seattle Humane is committed to serving pets in the Seattle area, and we supported their mission to  promote responsible pet ownership.

How it all began

Eventeny was founded on the belief that managing large-scale events with hundreds of exhibitors, vendors, sponsors, and volunteers should not be stressful and burdensome. Through our charitable donation program, we extend this ethos of simplifying complexities to support causes that matter, reinforcing our commitment to empowering charitable organizations and contributing to positive change in communities.

Get Involved!

Do you have a charity in mind? Share your suggestion below for our consideration as a donation recipient.

"... Our experience has been nothing short of stellar. The Eventeny team understands our industry so well, and has a strong grounding in fandom-genre conferences in specific.... When we needed support and ideas to improve our pre show and onsite ticket handling, our Eventeny rep and support team came to the table with ideas large and small that helped us drastically improve our process AND our attendee checkin experience. The system worked flawlessly, with most transactions under 30 seconds, zero faults, and more options than we were even using this year!"

Colorado Anime Fest

"After switching to Eventeny for our online ticket sales last year, we received more online pre-sales than we ever have! The ease with which customers can purchase tickets is AMAZING. No unnecessary log-ins, no orders that did not go through, and no fuss! We are so pleased and will continue to work with Eventeny to utilize all they have to offer!" 


Sedona Arts Festival
Sedona Arts Festival

"Eventeny has changed our events for the better!The system is very easy to navigate and their team is constantly making adjustments and improvements to make it even more convenient and streamlined. We manage over 20 events a year and this system has made of our event planning process so much easier.

Atlanta Beer Festival