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December 2023 Product Updates

Happy New Year folks! As we hit the ground running, constantly working behind the scenes to make our platform run faster and smoother, let's take a minute to recap some of the updates and features we worked on last month. 

📧 Customize email notifications

Emails flooding your inbox? Users can now customize email notifications from the Notification Settings page, and can choose if they want to receive vendor, volunteer, sponsor, ticket, message, or other application notifications. Additionally, users can choose whether they want to receive our newly released daily summary emails, detailing all related transactions, ticket sales, and more, all directly from the notifications page.


Users can now customize email notifications.

🛍️ Pass, split, or absorb marketplace fees

Want to sell products on the Eventeny marketplace,  but don't want to incur additional fees? You can now choose between passing, splitting or absorbing fees like transaction or credit card processing costs. Keep your product costs low, and increase demand!


Pass, split, or absorb product fees on the Eventeny marketplace.

💲Apply discount codes at any time

Event administrators can now issue discounts within a vendor application submission. Simply go to your submission list, and under payment you'll be able to apply a discount code on behalf of the vendor — as long as the purchase hasn't been charged or refunded.

Group 5-1

Administrators can now apply discount codes created on Eventeny's platform at any time.


  • We've revamped the ticket select page's design, creating a more seamless, user-friendly interface.
  • Event organizers can now restrict sponsorship applicants from editing their applications after submitting them.
  • State and province selections have now been updated to dropdowns instead of text input fields.