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What was new in April 2024?

Read time - 2 mins

Here at Team Eventeny, we've been cooking up a lot of exciting product releases in April, and we're thrilled to finally be introducing features like installment payments, merchandise integration and more. Read on to find out how you can continue to enhance your eventgoers experience.

Offer vendors flexibility with installment payments 💸

Spread out your payments over time! Event organizers can unlock installment payments -  allowing artists, vendors, and exhibitors to pay anything from booth to application fees over a period of time. Additionally, the number of installments, the payment term, and the amount per installment are all customizable.

Enable installment payments from the pricing section of vendor applications.

Increase revenue with ticket merchandise integration 📦

Increase product sales with ticket merchandise integration - eventgoers can now pre-shop your event through the ticket confirmation page, where all of your products will be displayed for them to purchase.

No products added yet? Check out some of our marketplace benefits here.

Products on your marketplace are now integrated with tickets.

Increase efficiency with bulk uploads for tickets 🎟️

Save time and bulk upload all your tickets and add-ons at once! Simply upload an excel file using the template provided, and once uploaded, you'll find all your imported tickets and add-ons in the Tickets section of our platform.

Bulk uploads and add-ons for tickets.


  • Seat names are now displayed for eventgoers during check-in.